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Welcome to VIP Card Section



This is an introductory card that can be given as a gift or as a way to try out the card services. Card benefits are valid for three months from activation.



All the indicated services refer to the cardholder and cardholder’s immediate family members. The terms and conditions of the membership are non-transferable. Card benefits expire one year from the date of subscription. 



The benefits of this plan are subscribed under the company’s name. The code indicated on the card is linked to all the company members that subscribed and were listed on the card during the initial subscription process. The annual fee is determined by the number of employees that are covered under the card. 




Concierge services

Swiss Discovery Elite Concierge Services is the worldwide leader in concierge services. Our first-class customer service is unrivalled, making us the superior choice for all of your wishes and desires.

Swiss Discovery’s superior customer service is personalized to meet your travel demands. Whether you are vacationing with family at an exotic locality or on an extended business trip, we are here to provide you with confidential assistance to make your trip relaxing and stress-free.


Providing satisfactory solutions requires in-depth training and a sophisticated understanding of the VIP needs of our clientele; we are more than just a friendly voice.  Each member of our team is a trained problem solver, determined to provide you with practical, serviceable solutions. Our long history of successful cases has been achieved because our Elite Concierge Team provides solutions on a case by case basis. We actively listen and analyze your situation in order to devise a creative solution for your needs. Our positive, unwavering attitude is what produces favorable results for our clients.

Peter Leuenberger
Administrative Director